Welcome to my world on the internet! I am not very active, but I hope to pop in a few things from time to time. Best!


Pages here are very limited in number, so I use them as ongoing archives. I will post my recent additions here, and move them to one of the pages when they get bumped by new entries. I will also provide notes on archival pages which you can choose to visit with the links on the banner above.

At this time, the following archival pages appear in a drop-down list under Writing Projects above:

  • Murder By Night is a novel in progress
  • I Remember... is a series about people I have met in "past lives" (planned)
  • Writers Way is a series of how-t0's and tips articles for writers.
  • Old Blogs From Elsewhere are captured items I originally published on different sites.

Finally, My Reading Reviews includes a page for Fiction and a page for Nonfiction.


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