Time is a Drunkard, asleep at the wheel,
forgetting to be responsible for the future,
nodding off at all the right moments,
trying to get home before the new day dawns.

Time is a Trapeze Artist, applying at the circus,
for a job that pays enough to get by,
without taking on a mortgage or a heavy debt
owed to anyone who will listen.

Time is My Friend, leading me astray,
taking my temperature, making me think,
reminding me of yesterday, plying me with promises
of a brighter tomorrow.

Time is all I have...


Okay, so I don't blog very well. Some folks can write constantly, every day, every hour... me? I seem to crawl out from under my personal blankie once a year or maybe every few months. Don't get it...

It's not that I'm not interested in talking about stuff. I mean, God knows there's a lot going on. It's just that I tend to mostly think about myself, being a rather self-centered individual, and then I usually don't want to share that with others, particularly strangers. People I'm around believe me to be friendly and outgoing. That's because I tend to listen to their "stories" more than talk about my own. Is that unusual? Folks sure seem to have a lot to say all the time.

I remember how I used to be drawn to the quiet ones.... the guys in the corner. I had a girlfriend who was always interested in the up-front guys... lead singers, real confident "out there" dudes who she loved to connect with. Me? I went for the guys who kept to themselves, seemed shy or quiet, and turned out to be intelligent and interesting. I still think I was right.

Then, of course, I met my husband who is a combination of both. When he was in his hard rock trio, he was the guitar play and primary singer. He was confident and boistrous onstage (maybe it was his persona?) and full of fun and laughter during breaks, when talking with folks. He got jacked up on the adrenalin of performing and was very gregarious. Then, in his personal life, he turned out to be quiet, thoughtful, sometimes talkative (about serious matters), and very smart. Smart about issues, life, all kinds of topics, books, music, etc. What a catch!!!

(Oh...he's a great cook, too!)

I'm out of here...



Books are like people; they come in all shapes (well, there are limits), sizes (again with limits), colors and.... well, let's just say, some are well-written and others not so much.

There are books by great poets and photographers like Viggo Mortensen. There are books about issues that matter: global weather changes, polar bears, the price of oil, and whether or not democracy has a real chance in the world.

Then there are books that are fun: (I'll think of something, really I will!)

I think I should write more about books - or people - or maybe I should write a book about people! Okay, so I'll keep you posted...



Yipes! I started out at Blogger in 2005 - then promptly stopped...what was I thinking? Not much, it seems. I've always had trouble with keeping diaries, journals and whatnot...I'll make a couple of entries in my brand new, pristine tome, and then never pick it up again...oh, well... such is life...

A lot's happened to me since... I particularly note that I am getting some answers to my BIG questions about life... you know, things like WHY ME and WHY and WHY NOT??? Of course, I can't share my answers with YOU or that would be cheating, now wouldn't it...

Seems like the world's getting crazier and crazier. Now we're facing some serious problems (they were always there, but now I guess we're facing them) and I'm not sure where it's all going. There's constant war brought on by constant greed brought on by lousy upbringing brought on by angry, defeated parents brought on by, well, you get the idea. I'm torn between trying to do something bout all this and just riding it out. Where does the ambivalence come from, anyway? There's those questions again. Anybody out there got any ideas? You know, any ideas... ANY ideas at all. I'm just curious to know how everyone's weathering all this rapid change. It is just me or is tomorrow getting here before yesterday these days?

Out of here (for now)...




It's time? I'm ready? Getting off my "but..."? In any event, I'm finally of an age when it seems that many of my own issues are settled (or at least I've made peace with them). Now I feel more comfortable making statements about life... what I see around me and what I think about it.

Here, I will try to point to other places where you can reference the topic so you can check for yourself. Hope it helps. You're on your own as to what you "keep" and what you ignore. Each person must decide for him/her self.

If you're reading this post, remember please that I consider this my own viewpoint - not yours - so please don't take it personally. If it fits or helps or jogs the grey cells or makes you wonder, then may it bless you. If you want to comment, I'd love to hear from you. If you want to argue - I MAY listen. Sometimes I just don't feel like the hassle, but again, don't take it personally. You may have a valid point even if I don't respond. I do promise to try my best to at least let you know that I am not responding. Okay?



Yikes! I started reading this wondrous series by an amazing Swedish writer, Stieg Larsson, who turned in the manuscripts and then left this world behind, and just plain fell in! Sorry about the long absence.

But, on to the series: Looking at the content of these books, the first thing you gotta wonder is whether or not he ticked someone off who decided to take revenge or get him out of the way. But that's just my suspicious nature talking. Having delved into this series, it's so darn REALISTIC that it just puts you in that frame of mind.

Anyway, the series - beginning with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, followed by The Girl Who Played With Fire, and soon-to-be-released The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest - is so crammed with full-life characters that you'll feel like you made a trip to Sweden yourself and spent a couple of years getting to know everyone. Well, not EVERYONE exactly, unless you go for the seamier side of things, but enough to know you can't let go of this series until the bitter (?) end.

Centered on two primary characters, both unusually adept at sniffing out the TRUTH, these stories are connected by Lisbeth Salander (the girl) whose past seems ripped from the tabloids. The guy who "connects" them is journalist and magazine co-owner Mikael Blomkvist. I personally think that Mikael is more than a little based on the real-life knowledge of Stieg Larsson himself, but then that's just my imagination working - maybe overtime.

There you have it. If you like thrillers and really-hard-to-solve mysteries, you'll want to include this series in the library of your mind. Hurry up May! I want my Larsson!!!

P.S. You can check out my other reviews at http://www.auntiesbooks.com/lindas-picks - go for it!

Auntie's Linda


So I was talking with my husband about the "world's" rules and how it seems in conflict with the "Spirit's" expectations.

In the world (and you'll hear me talk a lot about that), the only thing that seems to matter these days is "winning." But what does it mean to win?

For those of us who try to follow the example of Christ, winning does not mean adopting the rules of the world. If he had done so, he would have fallen into the trap of taking power and wealth unto himself and would not have been crucified. His apostles certainly seemed to want him to adopt the world's rules - let everyone know who he was and take over the temple in Jerusalem, sit on the throne of Rome, and solve all the world's health, food, and housing problems. Instead, he knew he had to take his direction from his Father.

Yes, it's a mystery. But it's the one that was intended and because he followed what he knew to be right, he won. He did not win the "world," but he did win on the Spirit's side.

As his followers, we cannot adopt the rules of the world and expect to win the race that Paul talked about. It's not easy, of course. All around us are the temptations to lead us toward riches instead of the station in life where he can best serve; toward power instead of leading; toward compassion instead of quick fixes. But we cannot rationalize away that quiet voice in our heart that urges us onward toward Spirit.

Keep going...It's the right way. The meek shall inherit the earth; we shall see the face of God; we shall live in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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